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Reviews for Counting Crows: 8/15/2015 Hot August Music Festival, Baltimore, MD
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Tom from Bmore (8/21/2015 6:20:31 PM)

I have been a fan of the CC's since the first CD. I will be hitting 50 years old in Sept so I kinda had a long term personal relationship with their music. I ranked my personal Top 300 CD's of All Time (because I don't have anything better to do) and I ranked "This Desert Life" #13 and "August and Everything #64" But, I never saw them in concert. They play the Borgata a lot but I did not want to see them at a Casino Show (people there with comps are not true fans and they ruin the whole show for everyone else, complaining that the music is too load, or talking the whole time). So, now I live in Bmore and it was hot as hell that day. 95 with the humidity higher. the review. They were note for note perfect, they did Velvet Underground's Pale Blue Eyes and my favorite for the night was Colorblind. Well polished, well thought out, not just playing the hits, and playing to the fans. (And, I have every CD, and love them all - I was surprised how many people knew all the words to all of the songs ...I thought it was just gonna be me out there.) So, I can only kick myself for not seeing them before, and realize that they are road warriors, so they would be working the east coast again so. Oh,.....I think Adam is born and raised in Baltimore...(I just moved here three years ago and it still has the Hillbilly meets John Waters meets Blaxploitation = High Body Count vibe. For all the wonderful things that Bmore is...."why not play Raining in Baltimore?" You could have played it for 20 minutes (I need a phone call) and people (I need a sun burn) would have went batshit crazy. Oh blow us away with the Randy Newman/Ninah Simone "Baltimore". And, Bmore could have used an opportunity to bath in love for awhile. Well...I will see you soon. I can wait another 20 plus years.


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