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Reviews for Counting Crows: 7/28/2008 Verizon Amphitheater, Charlotte, NC
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ccharlie (9/10/2008 8:19:06 AM)

toen de counting crows deze zomer drie keer in holland speelde wist ik niet wat ik zag,ben al zolang fan,en ze worden als maar beter,het is de beste band ooit,en band waar ik nooit geen genoeg van kan krijgen,geen enkel nummer vind ik minder mooi,ik kan naar al zijn liedjes luisteren,bij de meeste bandjes heb ik nog weleens dat ik dit of dat nummer niet mooi vind,maar bij de counting crows heb ik dat niet,alles wat zij doen en maken vind ik mooi!ik ga ze voor de vierde keer zien dit jaar op pinkpop waren ze geweldig op rocking park waren ze top en op concert at sea waren ze ook helemaal geweldig...16 december spelen ze in de brabandhallen en kan haast niet meer wachten,superband en ik hou echt van ze.

ccharlie (9/10/2008 8:14:49 AM)


Russ (8/23/2008 6:51:00 AM)

My humble opinion is that any set that includes "Up all night", "Richard Manuel", and "Murder" is anything but sad! Hate I missed this one. Went to the Raleigh show instead.

crystal (8/12/2008 5:59:44 AM)

why is saying the set was sad bad? i love the sad ones the most. my favorite song is anna begins... this was my favorite concert yet. but the truth is the truth, and i thought we were supposed to give ppl who werent there an idea of what it was like. it was the best time of my life, and the mood was sad. and passionate. and sexual. and longing. and intense. so if thats what you want download this show. i heard hershey was acoustic. i heard ny was really upbeat....thats the point, man. explain your shows......not to give others crap about there oppinions...

Grant (8/9/2008 12:27:12 AM)

wow...20 concerts...guess that makes a person who can insult everyone by comparing them to Brittany Spears fans?...we only get to see the Crows once every two or three years...I'm sure the Crows wouldn't mind my comments? Especially how they "rocked" up their set list two days later...really not nice going the "Brittany" route...we are hardcore Crows fans here in NE PA..just dissappointed with the set list...that's all...

ajt (8/7/2008 9:53:49 PM)

Pleasequit bitching about the set being sad people. This is not Brittney Spears "what I bought at the f-ing mall" music. These songs all have meaning for the band. These are the songs that made us Crows fans. I have been to over 20 concerts (and I am not a weirdo groupy) It doesnt matter the mood of the band, they always put on a hell of a show! Keep it up guys... My 6 yr old is your newest fan.

Joelie (8/7/2008 2:26:06 PM)

All of the songs played in Charlotte are great, but A Murder of One is especially wonderful. I get shivers and can't stop calling boys orangutans. The energy from the song transfers directly into my ears and there is pretty much nothing better in this world. :)

Pret (8/6/2008 3:39:28 PM)

Fantastic performance. The live tracks are amazing. Well worth buying. Can't wait to see the band in the UK.

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