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Reviews for Counting Crows: 7/31/2008 Amphitheatre, New York, NY
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Harry (9/6/2008 7:21:45 AM)


maureen (8/31/2008 5:52:28 AM)

This was probably our 12th or 13th CC show. What a great night! LOVE LOVE LOVE UP ALL NIGHT!! We had never heard it live before just beautiful. Have you seen me lately is my favorite so I always love when they play it. Also a really nice and different Long December!

andrew (8/29/2008 2:02:58 PM)

woah awesome setlist! previews sound nice too. I just might have to buy this! CC is awesome!

Crista (8/26/2008 3:52:51 PM)

This was an amazing show!!! Adam was so intense..I loved it!! I have never been front row center at a show ever before..It was so special to have been for the first time at this show :-D Can't wait to see them again!

meadowrex (8/25/2008 8:06:58 PM)

This was an awesome show. I have never been 3rd row at a Crows concert before and it was far well worth the money! Adam is so intense every time I see him and it's been many.........just keeps getting better every time!

lori (8/21/2008 6:07:08 AM)

i was away & sadly missed this show. the playlist was unbelievable, i drove all the way to atlantic city to see them at the borgata & while the show was good, the playlist at jones beach was almost all the songs i was hoping to hear. oh well, thank goodness for the ability to download the show, i can pretend that's the one i was at.

Jody (8/8/2008 6:49:27 AM)

Have seen the Crows several times and this was by far their best. Adam and the band were crisp and energized. The most amazing version of Long December I've ever heard and so great to hear the back story for Hard Candy - inspired by Long Island!

Kevin (8/7/2008 11:34:56 PM)

This was a birthday present for my partner his birthday is 7/31 (really) and it so happens his favorite song is "Angels of the Silences" which we had never before previously heard live, on the drive over I asked him what he would like to most hear and guess what they opened with it, then the band went on to play "Cowboys" his other song wish. Then they went on and played "Colorblind" a song I always wished I could hear live. It turned out to be a dream set for both of us and a great birthday concert for him. One thing we truly appreciate about the band is that they change up the sets for every show. We have have seen them about 8 times in just over a year and there shows never get stale. Just came back from the Homedale, NJ show (PNC) 8/7/08 and they hit another home run. Just wish I could afford to follow them across the country and catch every show...nice that they are actually allowing the fans an opportunity to enjoy every live show without the travel costs with the concert downloads. We both love you guys!

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