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Reviews for Counting Crows: 9/27/2008 Verizon Amphitheater, St. Louis, MO
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dario (10/5/2008 1:51:11 AM)

great show..but anna begins IS NOT anna begins but perfect blu building :(

Kelly (10/3/2008 5:49:04 AM)

I've seen the Counting Crows 9 times in concert now. This was, by far, their best show. Adam was ON! I did miss Charlie, though.

My 2nd time seeing Augustana and I see vast improvement over 2 years ago. These guys have what it takes to be huge. The harmonies with the Counting Crows were absolutely amazing.

Maroon 5 was good; but a little too studio-like for my tastes.

I am holding Adam to his word......they better come back!

Kevin (10/2/2008 3:52:55 PM)

Anna Begins is mislabeled. Its Perfect Blue Buildings.


Stephen Snider (10/1/2008 2:25:31 PM)

The Show ROCKED!!! Augustana was awesome, Maroon 5 was awesome(espesially the part where he gave his electric guitar to a hot chic in the 3rd row). BUT, the absolute highlight of the show was to see Members of Augustana fill in for missing counting crows band members, some songs even having the two lead singers taking the song on together. I felt like I was there in the 3rd row witnessing something that may never happen again in my lifetime, it was worth every penny, and by the way, this is my THIRD Counting Crows concert, but somehow they blow me away everytime by penetrating deep into my soul and stirring emotions that I had forgotten were in there.

casey (10/1/2008 1:54:57 PM)

Great show. I would rather see the crows by themselves so they could play for as long as they want instead of only 75 min. They should come to the pageant by themselves next time. I loved it, though it was too short. Thanks guys and congrats on the new family members.

Tracy Inman (10/1/2008 1:50:24 PM)

GREAT SHOW!!! I took my 15yearold and he loved it. St.Louis Post Dispatched had a great review on Mon. Said only bad thing about show was the Crows had to let Maroon 5 on stage. I agree. Maroon 5 sounded great, but they were like robots. I sat in the 7th row and it was awesome. Great show guys and thanks for the music. Augustana did great too. See you next time.

chuck p (9/30/2008 7:00:02 PM)

Hey I see the STL setlist on the side and I dont see the Perfect Blue Buildings listed there. if you buy the concert album will it be on there? The STL show was awesome, wish it could of been longer!!

Huh (9/29/2008 8:58:14 PM)

I didn't buy a ticket because I though the show was overpriced for Maroon 5 to be the main act. I did buy last time and the Crows didn't even show up. I figured I would download the show to see how it is. Then I find out they are missing 2 guys from the band. It would have been nice to know this prior to downloading the show. I wish it could have been the whole band. I wish the Crows had been the main act. Finally, I wish that the Crows didn't charge 135 per seat. There are not too many bands I would pay 135 (at face) to see. Just my honest opinion.

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